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The Most Disorganized Week Ever

I had started out with this grand idea of setting up an editorial calendar for December and actually planning all of my posts out through the rest of the year. I did that, and it was lovely on paper but then I got sidetracked and ended up writing this instead of doing anything useful.

More to the point, I’ve been (mentally) all over the place with different projects, dealing with a sick husband who started working from home full time the day he got sick, trying not to catch whatever he has, and sort of accidentally not taking my meds for a couple days. Fun, right?

So with all that being said, here are a few of the projects I’ve been working on. These may or may not become full posts later, depending on whether or not they end up turning out well.

Gradient nails with makeup sponges


This one is actually something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and at the moment it’s sort of a fail. When I say makeup sponges, I mean the little eyeshadow applicator things, not the triangular foundation sponges. I know that the triangle sponges work but they’re so messy I was thinking that maybe something smaller would work better. At the moment, the eyeshadow sponges are the perfect size but I’m having trouble tracking any down that are the same kind of foam material as the foundation sponges. Once I find those though, we’ll see if it’s still a fail.

Hand dyed paper flowers


So far I’m actually loving these, they just take forever to dry. I still have a couple details to perfect on them but these will definitely be two posts in the future – one for the dying process and one for the actual flower making. Fatty wanted to pose with them.. I barely had the picture taken before he tried to eat them.

Ridiculous phone backgrounds


I have loved the Over app for adding text to pictures for quite awhile now but lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with using it to make backgrounds for my phone. Most of them are ridiculously inappropriate rap lyrics because they make me laugh, but here’s one that just makes me happy because the internet needs to stay weird. To download, right click and select save image as.

Friendship bracelets


Did you know that you can give yourself rope burn from pulling embroidery thread between your fingers for several hours at a time? I didn’t until I noticed the red marks on my fingers after completing the bracelet above. This one was a first (very half-assed) attempt at a chevron pattern bracelet.. I like to call it “Sweet Tart Vomit.” I’m still working out a few ideas with these bracelets but I may have something fun planned for the near future with them.

So that has been my life recently. Anyone else ever have one of those weeks where nothing quite works out as planned and all you want to do is climb back in bed and hide?

xo, shelby