Free Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpaper Set

Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper

Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day kind of person but I’ve been having fun making backgrounds for my phone and what better occasion is there to use obnoxious amounts of pink and glitter than Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day iPhone wallpaper set includes 9 total backgrounds – the 8 pictured above plus a bonus of the pink glittery heart with the text “Be Mine” on it. These are all sized to fit an iPhone 6+ but will fit any iPhone and some Android phones as well.

To download, just click the link below.

Free Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpaper Pack

Has anyone made Valentine’s Day plans yet? I’m fully expecting to sit home and eat pizza with Keith and the cats and enjoy every second of not having to go out and deal with the crowded restaurants.

xo, shelby