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“You Got This” Phone Background

"You Got This" Phone Background - 1280x2181

Oh hey there! Long time no see. I feel like a complete jerk for just falling off the face of the Earth for the last couple weeks but I’ve been both really sick and really busy – I actually went for a full week without touching my computer because I was so exhausted. I wouldn’t recommend it. At any rate, I’m feeling better, finally starting to deal with some health issues that I’ve been ignoring for the last decade or so, and found out yesterday that we will be moving at the end of April. To make things even better, I’m going to be in Washington and Alaska for the first two weeks of April so I more or less have the next six days and then about a week and a half after I get back to sort, pack, and clean the entire apartment. I am going to try to get some posts scheduled so that there won’t be a weird absence during that time but umm.. don’t be surprised if I disappear again for a few days.


Remember back when I wrote about my top 5 apps for making your own backgrounds? I actually made a background specifically for that post, but for some reason never actually used it. Right now seems like the perfect time to share it since I keep repeating “you got this” over and over in my head so that I don’t completely lose my shit with all the stuff I have going on.

“You Got This” Phone Background

You Got This Phone Background (628 downloads)

Please feel free to download and share. The flower print background was found on We Heart It and I added the text using Over. The font is Blackout.

xo, Shelby