Hey there!

I’m Shelby and I’m a sticker maker, wannabe blogger, and some other adjective (pretend artist? magical goat herder? So. Many. Choices!). I live outside of San Francisco, CA (East Bay, FTW!) with my husband, Keith and two cats, Tulip & Blue.


What’s Dielikedisco all about?
I have a (ahem) minor nail polish obsession and this blog started as a result of that. I wanted to be able to justify the copious amounts of nail polish I was buying and posting pictures of them on the internet seemed like a reasonable solution. After meeting my husband and subsequently quitting my job, I stopped buying so much nail polish and had to come up with something else to post about. I’ve spent approximately 2 years trying to decide what that something else should be and have finally decided on..


…All the other stuff that I enjoy. That was really anti-climactic wasn’t it? Seriously though, I write about DIY/craft/art projects, interior design (or lack there of.. my style makes my family cringe, I love it!), food, and beauty related subjects. Oh and pictures of my cats. I’m a firm believer that the internet needs more cat pictures.

What’s up with changing your blog name from EpicallyPretty to Dielikedisco?
Originally when I was transferring everything from my old blogspot site to my own domain, Dielikedisco wasn’t available so I went with something that made me laugh – EpicallyPretty. When I came back to blogging and started my YouTube channel, everything except my blog was under my dielikedisco username and I wanted it to all be consistent so it was easier to change the blog name since it was now available.

So what else is there?
Well.. I’m not sure exactly what else to say, so lets make a list of things about me.

  • I grew up in Washington State, but have lived in California for my entire adult life.
  • My favorite color is rainbow.
  • I only seem to own black clothing.
  • I don’t like fleece.
  • Twitter makes my brain hurt.

That’s it?
Yes. I’m all out of things to say about myself. If you you come up with some burning question that you just have to know the answer to, feel free to email me at [email protected] or follow me on any of the various social media sites in the sidebar. I’m addicted to Instagram, so try there first.

If you have a question about a specific post, it’s best to leave a comment on that post so I know exactly what you are referencing.

xo, shelby